How to get your website indexed quickly in Google

When you first launch a website you are going to want people to find it easily. Google is the biggest search engine so you need to ensure your site is indexed with Google and crawlable by Googlebot. Below are a few tips about how to get your site indexed and ranking.


The first place to start getting your site indexed is to ensure you have a number of quality unique articles on your site. Check they are unique using Copyscape, if you just use other peoples content, you run the risk of getting penalised by Google for having duplicate content. But remember, if you want to get a decent amount of Organic traffic, you can’t just focus on content. The reality is that you need to have a good mixture of onsite and offsite SEO to get your site ranking.

Tell Google about your site

There are a few things you can do to tell Google you have a site that you want indexed. Add Site to Google Google has a website where you can submit your website to let them know about it. When you submit, Googlebot will come and visit your site and try and find all the pages on your site. Remember this might not be the quickest way to get your site indexed but if you follow all the techniques in this post you will give yourself a good change of getting indexed quickly. Google Analytics Google analytics is a suite of reporting tools that gives you information about the traffic on your site. By signing up and adding your site this will be another positive indicator to help get your site indexed. Webmaster Tools Google Webmaster Tools is a site you can login to check the status of your site. You need to verify your site by following the instructions they provide you when you add your site. Once you have done this there is a function to ask Google to visit your site and then index it. wmtfetch

Build Social Profiles

Once you have your site designed, start to build out your social profiles. At a minimum you should be on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. When these are setup, it will help to get your site indexed. You should also try and get other social accounts to mention your website (be it personal or business accounts) and this will help Google find and index your site.

Build quick links

You should find relevant sites in your niche and comment on their blog posts. If the sites are of high authority, then Google will visit them more often and see the link back to your site which will help speed up the indexation of your site. [box type=”info”] Be warned – If this is the only link building you will be doing then you run the risk of getting penalised by Google for having a spammy backlink profile. I recommend you continue to build links using other methods alongside this technique[/box]

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